Magic-Ian's Magic started in 1974 in Middletown, New York of course in the "back-room" of a fabric shop.
With consultants like Jeff McBride, Walter Gibson, & Roy Fromer, we got off to a great start. Our S.A.M. meetings were held weekly and lasted until 3 A.M.. Members included some future performers and some dealers and our guests included the finest from New York's top entertainment and lecturers. (they were on their way to the Catskills to work, or to Tannen's Jubilee to perform. The shop included much of what was showcased by international dealers who unloaded their wares at the Jubilee each year. Ah!! The good old days.
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Magic-Ian Originals
Pepsilkola, Flagtastick, Dependelite,Coin-balloon-acy, Universal Utility Clip, Dinishing Sponge Balls, super-steal holdout, refreshments. 

Original Books
haunted pack: Book of Revelations, 110 Tricks with a Svengali Deck, 110 Tricks with a Stripper Deck, Best Dam Tricks, Magic with a Steel Ball and Tube, Lecture Notes, Slush Book of mischief and magic.

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