Magic With A Steel Ball and Tube
Book and Trick combo
by Magic-Ian

The classic trick allows you to place a ball on the edge of a tube and on command, allow the ball to lower and raise into the tube. THEN pass the apparatus for examination. Originally known "hypnoball" used by mentalists and hypnotists, this is a versatile and well made prop.

The book allows you to produce a coin, sponge, fire or liquid from the tube. Produce several balls from the tube then vanish them back, hand out a solid tube as a finale, a no gimmick ball and tube routine guaranteed to baffle the "in-the-knows."

The classic trick, has been around since "Bremers" magic. It was overlooked as a pocket trick until this book revived it. The "barrel shaped" ball and tube was remade, the origin of the Kennedy ball and tube was derived from this book plus many other effects 36 in all. Mostly from the "...fertile mind of Magic-Ian"-Walter Gibson quote. Well produced with "workable" effects to enhance the basic trick. 28 pages soft cover with illustrations by Ed Mishel. REMEMBER you get the trick AND the signed book valued at $15 to $20 in shops.

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SIGNED original: Steel Ball & Tube WITH BOOK