Haunted Pack Top
how it works
Basic card rise
on table movement
on the floor
4 way cut
 In a glass
 In the card box
 half deck escape
 spooky deck move
 flying card
 aunto jump cut
 Magnetic fingers
 card steal
 seconds deal
 under cloth
 Pheonix card reveal
 Half deck vanish
 Envelope load
 After thought
 Raise a poker hand
 multi packet steal
 packet switch
 time line
 svengali's ghost
 line through
 Secret transfer
 sympathetic sister
 extra card addition
 shuffled set
 the next one is it
 automatic card rise
 one hand location
 Millennium Move
 single card production
 aces away
 color change
 the coincidence
 perfect count
 head case
 pocket card rise
 blank cards
 wallet card rise
 sleeve method
 super steal holdout
 vest steal
 packet steals
 coin production
 card pull vanish
 card pull color change
 card pull switch
 wanderful rise
 dollar snatcher gimmick
 folding dollar bill
 acrobatic matches
 Jumbo cards
 dollar bill from cards
 billet load
 tarot card
 ESP cards
 Card Stab
 Poker Game