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LIVE Doves for magic shows!!!

price $35.00 pair when available!!
NOTE: 7/9/01--No birds available right now.

Birds can be shipped BY air freight or express mail service via US POST OFFICE (post office to post office delivery). Express mail is fantastic! This method offers, fast, safe and economical shipping for most types of birds but not all. Postage fees must be prepaid. Special Postal approved boxes must be used! Birds CANNOT beinsured. The US Post Office regards birds as perishable items and WILL NOT accept responsibility for live arrival. The package is insured for for a maximum $500 if damages to the package result while in route. They will only honor claims for shipments that are lost or boxes that are damaged. They will not honor claims for individual dead birds. I guarantee to replace any losses! Split the shipping costs. Please read below.


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Dove Prices vary seasonally!

See my FEEDBACK..known for the fastest shipping on the web!!!