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Three 9" silks are held at the fingertips, a quick toss and the silks turn in to a Flag on a flagpole. You get three silks, an attachment lanyard and the flag. The Flagpole is an appearing cane you must already own. If not, contact any magic dealer. This item originated in 1983 and is listed in the older Tannen's catalogs. 4- star rating in GENII magazine. The seller is the manufacturer and creator of the effect. Shipping is under $3, in an envelope probably under a buck!! A very classy trick. If you provide your Country Flag, I will make one for your country colors. Flag should be 12x 18 +/-. NOTE: this is one of about 4 pieces left from the 1983 batch, It will be a while until I make some more. Sold for $20 or so originally, and now??? Your bid...

SHIPPING IS ONLY $1.25 or $3.20 priority
See my FEEDBACK..known for the fastest shipping on EBAY!!!