whirling card/boomerang card floating ball   cover setup  

Bonus Effect


The Effect: You can borrow a quarter from one of the spectators, spin it, and cause it to float in mid-air. This is a powerful illusion because it is done with a borrowed object. The quarter looks like a miniature flying saucer as it floats from hand to hand.

The Set-Up: The Amazing Spinning Qtiarter uses the same hook-up as the floating ball. After performing the ball effect, secretly remove the piece of Sticky-Tack which the micro fiber is attached to. This Sticky-Tac will be placed secretly to the bottom of the borrowed quarter before the performance.

The Performance:

1. Borrow a quarter from one of the spectators. Secretly attach the Sticky-Tac to the bottom of the quarter. This is a simple procedure to do as you are talking to the


2. You are now going to spin the quarter. Use the thumb of your left hand and the first finger of your right hand. Move your hands in opposite directions, causing the quarter to spin.

3. You can now float the quarter using the same hand movements you learned in the flying card. The quarter will continue to spin for approximately one minute. The quarter

can be immediately examined after the performance.

credit for the moves goes the team at Magic Masters, Inc., they also use a beer bottle cap for closeup bar work.

Performance Tips: 1. To prevent breakage of the micro fiber, spin the quarter in one direction (clockwise), followed by spinning the quarter in the opposite direction (counter-clockwise). This allows the micro fiber to unwind during the performance. 2. We have found that some people prefer to spin the coin with two hands like spinning a coin on a table, this equalizes the spinning and prevents wobbling. 3. To extend the life of the master strand, rernove a five foot strand off of the small card and place it around another playing card. You can work with this single strand for several months before needing an additional 5 foot piece from the small card.