Magic-Ian's Original Coin Balloon-acy

    Effect: A borrowed coin is placed on a balloon and is seen to penetrate its surface. The coin spins wildly in the balloon, then rests in the bottom of the balloon. The balloon is popped and the marked borrowed coin is returned to the spectator.

Copyright 1978

Method: Use a #11 clear balloon and slip a quarter into the air stem and into the large section of the balloon. Once the coin is fed into the balloon, blow it up as large as possible then let half of the air out. Tie the balloon and then jiggle the coin into the end opposite the air stem.

1) Grasp the coin from the outside through the balloon surface. And stretch the balloon clear over the flat surface of the coin.

2) Once clear, shift your grip of the coin and hold it as you would a dial. Pull the coin away from the balloon surface until a 1" hollow tube is formed under the coin

3) Twist the coin (again, as you would twist a dial), about a turn to a full revolution and then press it flat against the balloon surface. 4) Cover this set-up with your left hand. You are now ready to borrow a coin and perform the trick.

5) Hold a borrowed coin at the fingertips of your right hand. Place this coin briefly behind your left hand (the one covering the prepared coin). Draw the borrowed coin back into a finger palm and switch your grip to the prepared coin. This move should be swift and it will look as though you merely shifted your hand away from the body of the balloon. This view shows the final finger position. (Borrowed coin is in the palm.

6) Lay the coin flat and push on it with the fingertip. The moment you let go the balloon will fall from its set-up and fly into the balloon. The illusion is perfect as the coin spins elliptically (helped by a gentle swaying motion from your left hand.

7) After letting the coin swirl in the balloon. Let the coin settle into the air stem. Grasp the coin openly while in the balloon using the same hand that has the palmed coin. Pop the balloon as you drop the palmed coin but hold onto the coin that was in the air stem. The illusion will be that the coin from the balloon has fallen. This could have been a marked coin borrowed from the spectator. The popped rubber will hide the coin held at the fingers.