Adventure two: Lights and sounds

Sara and Rachel had never been out of the bubble crop room but, they were almost 3 years old and it was time they found more facts than could be found among the fluff-pups and air fern. They could not wait until the next day when the door to the light walls would open. Sara went softly to sleep and dreamed of the bright lights and colors and imagined new facts she would find.

When she opened her eyes it was a new day and time to leave the Bubble-crops. Karra could be seen playing on the Earthina Moss followed by a fluff-pup. Karra looked up and waved good-bye for now, as the big star-door opened for Sara and Rachel to leave. The kiddettes held hands and walked slowly through the doorway into the shuttle-bubble. The star-door closed behind them and the bubble shook and jiggled and started to move to the room with the lights and colors. The kiddettes moved quickly past hundreds of bubble-crop rooms with kiddettes, and fluff-pups, and bubble-juice bubbles and then it suddenly stopped. The bubble popped, and blue lights filled a large rooms with white Earthina moss.

The kiddettes had arrived at their new adventure, and they were ready. The kiddettes were tired from their traveling in the shuttle-bubble and they laid down on the soft white Earthina moss. Rachel fell asleep right away and Sara was just closing her eyes when she felt a tug at her foot. She looked towards her magna shoes and saw a a very small luna-loop. She had only heard of luna loops from some older kiddettes who visited the bubble-crop room, but she never expected to see one. She picked up the luna loop which was only three inches around and glowing yellow. The hole in it's middle was just big enough for Sara's hand and she put it on like a bracelet. It felt warm and Sara put it close to her face. As she did, she heard it whisper. "I am a luna-loop and I open any door. Keep me close and I will help you through the mother ship."Sara yelled, "Rachel, wake up and look what I have." As Rachel opened her eyes, the luna-loop yellow glow went out, and it disappeared. Rachel asked Sara sleepily, "why did you wake me?, I was dreaming of the air-ferns and Bubble-juice." Sara said, "Never mind, I must have been dreaming too, go back to sleep." As soon as Rachel closed her eyes the luna loop came back. Sara asked, "why won't you stay for Rachel?". The luna-loop whispered, "Rachel will be given her own help, I am yours and yours alone. And, only you will see me. Close your eyes and rest, and we will find facts together tomorrow.". Sara was very sleepy and held the luna-loop close to her face. The yellow glow and warmth soon put Sara to sleep and she dreamed of facts she would find.

The kiddettes slept for a while then woke up at the same time. There is no day or night in the Blue section of the Mother-ship, only shades of blue. It was light blue when they woke which told that the kiddettes are rested, and ready to find facts. As the kiddettes stood up, they found themselves in front of a very large tunnel in a wall. Rachel raised her left hand and pointed and as she did, both Sara and Rachel were lifted up into the air and through the tunnel. Sara was surprised at Rachel's power, but she could not think too long about it. As the kiddettes went through the tunnel, they heard music sounds from far away. They kept moving and the sounds grew louder. They looked ahead, and the other end of the tunnel could be seen. The kiddettes daydreamed for a moment and thought of the facts they would find at the other end of the tunnel.

The music was very loud now, and Rachel kept pointing forward as they neared the tunnels end. She lowered her hand and the kiddettes floated down to the bottom of the tunnel floor. The end of the tunnel was in front of them closed off by a large door. Rachel raised her hand, and to the amazement of Sara, the door disappeared. A large light blue cavern could now be seen as the loud music played on. Rachel raised her hand again, and the kiddettes floated to the center of the cavern. The music seemed to dance all around the kiddettes, and they closed their eyes for a moment to listen.

When the kiddettes opened their eyes, there were eight note-nips taking turns saying a song. They did not speak but every time their mouth opened, a sound came out. They hopped around as they sounded off their song, and at it's end they all spoke together in a terrible mix-up of notes. Suddenly they stopped their sounds and each one popped like a bubble and vanished.

The note nips seemed to be saying hello to the kiddettes, and although they were full of surprises, they were a pleasant fact to find. Their vanishing made the large blue chamber very empty and lonesome, but not for long. A note-nip suddenly appeared and teased the kiddettes as if to say "catch me if you can". Sara was nearest and jumped on the note-nip. As she did, it let out it's sound and popped. Just as quickly another appeared near Rachel. She just as quickly grabbed it and it popped too. This was fun, and good exercise for the kiddettes. And, as more and more note-nips appeared, they made a song the kiddettes used to know. Finally after jumping and chasing, and popping. The kiddettes fell on the Earthina Moss and rested out of breath. The note-nips were still appearing and gathering together while Sara and Rachel rested. It was very crowded in the room with note-nips everywhere, high and low. There were short ones and fat ones, and even some half ones. Not one made a sound, they just appeared. A deep sound rumbled suddenly into the room and was followed by the appearance of a huge note-nip. This note-nip tapped and bounced and all the smaller note-nips started to bounce along with it. The note-nips gathered into sections, hundreds and hundreds started to sound off their sounds and finally like one beautiful voice, they made a large wonderful sound. Then pop, and kaboom the room was empty. What a great way to find music facts. The kiddettes decided to take a nap. They laid down on the Earthina moss and lay there daydreaming of note-nips and music delights. They would finish finding more facts after their rest.

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