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New Journey: the adventure probe

Sara and Rachel have found most of the facts they need to enter an adventure probe. After spending their first five years in the Mother ship, they know that Kiddettes who leave, only return when they are ten. This passing from Mother-ship to adventure probe is not sad. Facts are good to find, but friends are hard to leave. Rachel is older and ready to leave her Bubble-crop room. There will not be any Bubble-juice bubbles in the adventure probe and no I fluff-mounds or fluff-pups. But, what Sara and Rachel are dreaming of tonight is about new friends, new colors and lights and of course new facts to find. There is no sadness, just new dreams. The Kiddettes adventure probe is a hard bubble with six pointed corners. The Kiddettes must sit on an air poddy, and can move the bubble any way they wish by pointing both thumbs and pointer fingers in the way they want to go. First Sara, then Rachel, and they must take turns. Sara pointed first and the bubble moved forward and out of the mother ship. The adventure probe bubble has no color of it's own. Kiddettes can see through the walls and through the floor and even through the top of the bubble. But if you were outside of the bubble, you could not see in. The space outside of the bubble ship was the color red. It was Rachel's turn to move and she pointed up. As the bubble moved upward the red color got lighter and lighter and then all of a sudden, it was pure yellow and very bright. Rachel kept pointing and the yellow got a little darker, then turned a bright blue. The adventure bubble suddenly stopped. Were these all the facts they would find? Was there nothing more than red, yellow, and blue? It was Jarra's turn to move and she decided to move back down to yellow. Sara moved slower than Rachel and it took longer to go through the blue color than before. The blue was turning a different blue than they saw when they came through before. The blue had some yellow in it and suddenly became a light green. Why had they not seen the green before? Where was it the first time? It seemed the slower they went, the more shades of blue and green they found, And then yellow. It was Rachel's turn again and she decided to move fast and forward. They first saw yellow and the yellow got brighter and lighter. They expected to see blue again, but this time they saw white, no colors at

all, just white. Sara decided to stop fast. The adventure probe began to spin in a circle. The white color changed to light blue, then red then orange, then yellow, then violet. The colors were endless and it seemed that the colors would not stop changing. The solid colors changed to stripes, then circles, then squares, then swirls. Then everything stopped. Rachel and Sara were dizzy and their eyes kept seeing colors and shapes and everything kept moving even though the bubble had stopped. The Kiddettes fell into a deep sleep.

Sara was the first to wake. There was no adventure probe. No bubble. Everywhere everything was pink except for a large cube-cubby. The cube-cubby had six sides, each one a different color. Each side had a mouth and one eye. The yellow side was looking at Sara and it winked, or maybe it blinked. Sara could not see the other eyes while she faced the first one. Sara pointed a thumb and forefinger as if still in the bubble and she was surprised to move forward. Sara moved around the cube cubby and saw a blue side. It was the same size eye and mouth and the same shape, yet the color made the cube cubby look sad and cold. Sara moved under the cube-cubby to a green side. This eye was closed and she did not know why. Rachel woke up and saw Sara moving in a circle around the cube-cubby. She was confused at not seeing a bubble probe but saw that Sara was pointing and moving without the bubble. Rachel pointed towards the cube cubby and moved in to join Sara.

While Rachel was on one side of the cube-cubby, Sara was on the other. The cube-cubby decided to spin. The yellow side facing Rachel stayed facing her and the opposite red side followed Sara. The kiddettes stopped suddenly, and so did the cube-cubby, and then it spoke from all of the mouths at once each saying something different. With six voices speaking at once the kiddettes listened carefully to the voice of the mouth in front of them. The yellow voice seemed to be very deep and kept talking slowly, yet the sounds didn't sound like words. Rachel kept listening but could not make sense of it. Sara's red voice was very high and the mouth made fast sounds. Sara moved around to Rachel's yellow side, and as she did the cube-cubby spun around to meet her. Rachel moved also but didn't know it. No matter how fast Sara moved, she couldn't reach Rachel. Rachel was unaware of the problem, but as Sara moved faster, the yellow cube cubby's voice got higher and spoke faster until the sound became words. The voice was not talking to Rachel, but it said facts. Rachel listened and found facts and listened some more. The cube-cubby told how to use the bubble and how to find other colors and other cube-cubby's who could tell of more facts. While this went on, Sara kept looking for Rachel. Sara decided to stop, and once again she did it too quickly. Both Kiddettes started to spin around the cube cubby and the pink color around them turned to orange, then blue, then green. Again they saw lines and cube-cubbies and waves of colors. Finally the spinning stopped. The Kiddettes were again very dizzy and still seeing colors and shapes, they fell asleep. The sleep was deep and dreamy. In their dreams they saw each other and Rachel told Sara about the facts the yellow side of the cube cubby told her. And Sara told of her trying to find Rachel for a long time. Rachel woke at the same moment Sara did. They were back in the adventure probe, moving forward through a pale white color. Rachel knew what Sara had seen and Sara knew of the facts. They said nothing to each other and smiled. The kiddettes both pointed forward and upward and would Not be seen again until they were six.

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