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dances downloads

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This effect was the original method from my lecture. Dances with ropes came about because some people wanted to do the effect in the middle of a show rather than as an opener. I include this as a guideline. It is a method to do "half" of professors nightmare. You actually wind up with three actual long ropes. AND this is ungimmicked.

Original Professor Ian's Nightmare

This is the basic routine for linking ropes.

Learn the Linking ropes first

When you back out of the routine, this is the method for changing two rope into three.

two rope change to three

Without using the sleeve method, here is a way to go from professors nightmare to linking ropes.

Transition from nightmare to linking

The next two links are the main instruction for this effect. The second link has a narration of why these moves work and the impact the audience sees.

the working of the effect

Key points

The Original dance method was a challenge by members of the magic cafe. I had shown the lecture material called Professor Ian's nightmare where you hand out the ropes once they are long. The request was for a mthod to do that similar effect anytime during the act rather than just be an opener.

Original Dance method

Creating dances was an evolutionary process. The prelude to the linking ropes has 3 professors nightmares methods that could lead into it. In actuality you could do all three.

additional PN moves to start dances


The June edit link is a new edition add-on, it is a modified version of Dances, using an ungimmicked rope. It does not use the sleeve method, but does have professors nightmare and linking ropes.
It is a long download 72mb.

Live show: alternate non-sleeve method where the third rope is used to and from the pocket.