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Professor Ian's nightmare $10: 5 minutes demo and method
Diminishing sponge ball $10: 20 minutes instruction

Diminishing sponge ball $25: dvd and tricks

Professor Ian's Rope Lecture $25: 40 minutes plus includes nightmare, change bag routine, cut and restored special routines, loops
ALL NEW: DANCES With ROPES DVD - 55 minutes includes professor Ian's nightmare, change bag routine, Linking ropes and new professors Ian's Dream rope routine. Includes a set of Linking ropes. $39.99 (special-shop versions will not include linking ropes) Please note: if you have gotten the download or any other DVD product, please contact me for special pricing.
see demo
Magic Ian's Matrix reloaded - $25: 40 minutes of original variations on the matrix using gold and silver coins in one routine
Magic Ian's Haunted Deck: revelations $25: 40 minutes +/- on methods and techniques of the haunted deck
Magic Ian's full lecture $25: professor Ian's nightmare, rope routines, canes, candles, balloon-acy, and unique original platform effects.
Professor Ian's 4 DVD package $100: all DVD's plus a haunted deck, stripper deck, and match-pull
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