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NOTICE and DISCLAIMER: The device you have purchased is a toy and nothing more. It is a cap ignitor found in some select toy shops. The suggestion to use this as a flash ignition device is not intended as a malicious device. We do not sell the other components necessary to use this as an entertainment display. Since flash paper, powder, flash string cotton and flash powder are only available thru select suppliers, we are confident that those suppliers will screen minors and malicious users from obtaining those components.

This device has several ways to perform it depending on your needs.

NINJA BOMB: Magician arrives on stage and produces a flash of fire and a puff of smoke (use your own paper and powder).
Ideally you should have caps, flash cotton, flash paper, flash powder, and flash string (you may subsitute thread for flash string).
Premise: The impact of the weighted rocket ignites a cap(or two) which produces a spark. The spark ignites the flash paper and or cotton. If you have added flash powder load, it too will ignite.

Method: Insert a folded cap under the plunger of the rocket provided. Press a piece of flash cotton against the outside of the plunger. This acts as a pre-ignition for the flash paper. You may, of course, just use flash paper (but it is not as dependable unless really fresh paper is used). The flash paper must be wrapped around the bomb and pressed in the spring area of the plunger. The sheet of paper is large enough to go around the bomb and then crumple to hold in place. Note: I use as thin a flashpaper as possible.

The critical point is around the plunger; the wad of crumpled paper around the wing area is not crucial (the photo shows the bomb pointing up). If you use flash powder, open the wrap around the fins (photo bottom right). Prepare a small packet of flash powder wrapped in flash paper, and drop it against the fins of the rocket, then wrap the rest of the flash paper around the rocket. Take some flash string or cotton thread and tie all objects against all objects attached to the rocket bomb, again, making sure that the tip of the bomb is left uncovered.

The plunger and weight will set off the cap and start the chain reaction.Now all thats left is to drop (not throw) the bomb. Of course it won't work on carpet, and you may have to drop it a little more forcefully on soft tile.
The best scenario is to give yourself a ceramic target on the floor (and don't miss). In any case, as long as it lands straight down, it will snap the cap. If you throw it in an arch, the arch must allow it to go up enough for the bomb weight to draw it tip down. The flame will stain a marble or tile floor, but it washes off easily.---------------good luck and have fun!!

You can also roll the flash paper like a tube with powder in it, then wrap the tube around the plunger area (riskier cause the rocket may slip out). But, if you do that plus have another piece of flash paper around that, you will really have an extra bright flash. Just watch where you drop the bomb

Additional notes: Using flash cotton against the cap area is the method of insuring ignition. Another way if you are just using flash paper, is to take a tiny piece and place it around the spring and letting it flap over the cap area, then procede with the rest of the wrap.
Use NUCCO fast flash (photographic flash powder), and make one or more small amounts of the powder in smaller wrapped packets, and place these smaller 1/2 teaspoon packet(s) around the fins area, Then completely cover the fins with the larger sheet of flash paper. This will cause a bright flash (slow burn) of the paper followed by the bright flash of the powder.
The moving bomb picture is pretty much what you can expect. A bright burn, followed by the flash of powder.

Success with this item is based on using FRESH flash paper, FRESH flash powder, use as LITTLE flash powder as you can get away with, hitting a SOLID surface you have TESTED before the show, using this device at a SAFE distance from your younger spectators.

some better pictures

bomb and caps

caps in place

cotton in place

flash strip around rocket
powder wrapped with string
click here for cap bomb flash sequence (360kb)

click here for bomb flash w small powder movie (122kb)

powder track