seven dogs on the couch
Tuesday, March 09, 2004
Primetime TV watching is always fun, for at any given moment a dog will perk up his ears.
They all dave off of the couch like synchromized swimmers. All seven try to go through the dog door at the same time and the door always swings back and clobbers the next dog in the mouth. That dor leads to a porch with another door (a cat door). So, you hear a thunk, thwack, thunk thwack, for each of the seven.
Then there is Parker, who has to go real slow thru the door caus he is the biggest and just about fits.
This happens three or four times a night as they chase an imaginery prey into the field. Some nights they bring back gifts of frogs, squirrel carcasses, and even cattle legs. Some parts are still alive!
Its flea season. There is no way to lay on the couch without a dog on your shoulder or lap. If I curl my feet on the couch, a dog will innevitably nestle into the warm spot behind my knee.
He brings some friends he has collected from the Florida forest, and they too nestle on my legs and feet.
Its a site to see seven dogs and their master scratching in time to the music.
Our home kennel has grown. We gave the old couch to the kids and bought a new 15 foot sectional. There is still no room on the couch, as the seven dwarfs are sprawled over every cushion.
The come thru the doggie door, race across the floor slipping and sliding on the wood, then they take a flying leap to land on the couch.
Each one of them has their sentinel perch or they just sprawl where they can in the pecking order.
My wife squeezes her butt into a small spot near the reading lamp, and I usually arrive too late to claim a good spot. So I pick a dog and slowly sit on him causing him to move.

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