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Roger L. Reid, as Cigam the Magician, has invented or refined a number of Magical Effects.
Below are descriptions of the effects available from Cigam:
(For larger images, click on smaller picture of trick.)

You Must Have Been Drinking

(The Original One! 1982) – A packet card effect in which the cards are counted and seen to flip over again and again. Then the backs of the cards change color from Blue to Red. The magician asks the spectator “What color were the backs the last time you saw them?” No matter what the spectator answers he is always wrong! The magician says “You must have been drinking!” and turns the cards over to reveal the backs are the label of the Budweiser Beer Company! Available - “Bud” or “Coors” backs. Cards and clearly written instructions - $10

Card Back:

Color Blind

Similar to “You Must Have Been Drinking” (above) but the finale has “blank back” cards, instead of “beer cards”, thus the title “Color Blind” – Cards and clearly written instructions - $10

Cigams’ Flash Coin Vanish

The magician displays a half dollar at the very tips of his fingers. He then very visibly and deliberately places the coin in the palm of his hand, held there only by the tip of his index finger. He very briefly covers the coin with the other hand. When the covering hand moves away the coin is seen to have vanished! No sleight of hand required! This is the fastest coin vanish on the market and can make you look like a professional coin worker with just a few minutes practice. Everything you need plus clearly written instructions - $10

Follow the Oddball

Follow the Oddball is a “monte” type effect for those who cannot do, or do not want to do sleights. Four cards are shown, three the same and one “oddball”. The spectator is challenged to “Follow the Oddball” at different times during the routine. The cards are shuffled and turned in order to confuse the spectator. Though one card is removed from the pack, after each “shuffle”, again and again the spectator is unable to Follow the Oddball. Even when there is only one card remaining! Cards and clearly written instructions - $10

Lightning Loops (with David Ginn)

Two different color, fabric “loops” magically change place, as fast as lightning, while on the finger of a spectator! This is repeated a few times and then for the finale, the magician makes one of the loops melt through the spectator’s finger! A supply of loops and clearly written instructions - $10

The 34 Trick

This is a comedy prediction routine. An assistant is asked to circle and cross off numbers, of his own choice, on a grid marked 1 through 16. He adds the circled numbers to get a total which only he knows! Yet the entire audience is able to guess the number! Everything you need plus clearly written instructions - $15

Hanky Panky

A clear plastic tumbler and a brightly decorated tube are freely shown to be empty. The tumbler is covered with the tube. Six assorted color 12” silk hankys are displayed. A spectator chooses one of the colored hankys. The magician vanishes the hanky. When the tube is removed from the tumbler the vanished hanky is seen to have reappeared! Keep the price down! You supply the tube, hankys and your favorite vanisher. We supply the Tumbler and “Gimmick” with easy to follow instructions. - $20 - With 12 silks, $45

w/o Silks $20

With 12 Silks $45

A Card Named Irving – (Bob Karlbach)

The magician asks a spectator to “Think of a card”. The magician announces that the name of the chosen card is “Irving”. After the laughing subsides and the spectator reveals the actual name of the card he thought of, it is taken from the deck which has been visible throughout the routine. When it is turned over, the name “IRVING” is found to be printed on the back! No other cards in the deck have anything written on them! Specially prepared deck of cards and instructions - $10

New Improved Milk Pitcher

The contents of a 64 ounce pitcher, full of milk, are poured in to a paper cone or other container. The milk instantly vanishes and is replaced by flowers, confetti and/or paper coils! If used in conjunction with a dove pan, any of a number of foods may be produced to replace the missing milk! This is a specially prepared, rugged, heavy gauge, polystyrene pitcher that is dishwasher safe! All the problems associated with the old glass pitchers have been eliminated. It is not necessary to use “OOM” (oil of milk) as in the old days with plastic inserts to avoid “milk stains”. There is no plastic insert to crack or separate. There is no glass to break. Set up does not require a funnel or other loading device. This pitcher cleans up with warm water! Best of all it does not look like the “classic” milk pitcher recognized by magicians and audiences alike. It looks like a pitcher found in any home! For parlor and stage use. Pitcher, cover and easy to follow instructions - $30 (Another “brand” is being advertised on the internet at $49!)

New Improve Milk Tumbler

Similar to above. The contents of a 22 ounce “tumbler” of milk are poured in to a paper cone or other container. The milk instantly vanishes and is replaced by a shower of confetti! As above, all the problems have been eliminated with one additional benefit. The tumbler is only 6 ˝” x 3 ˝ “and will easily pack with your show or close-up equipment! You can demonstrate the free flow of milk by drinking from the tumbler and giving yourself a “milk mustache”. Tumbler and instructions - $15

The Magic Hat

A heavy gauge, polystyrene “Top Hat” Ice Bucket. The “Top Hat” may be used: 1. to carry your close-up materials from table to table 2. with a “flange” (Home Depot) added to enable the Top Hat to become the top of your side table (stand not included) 3. as a “gag” when placed on a child’s head. The head will completely disappear 4. as a production vehicle. 5. as an advertising display prop. Available in shiny Black, White or Clear. Hat and Instructions - $25 (Advertised elsewhere on the internet at $50)

Royal Aces

A poker hand, the best possible, a Royal Flush in Spades, is displayed. The cards are turned face down and one is removed thereby ruining the poker hand. Te magician make a “magical pass” and turns over the remaining four cards revealing that they have been transformed in to the four aces! Packet of cards and instructions - $10


Ropes Through Body

The magician ties two fancy, sash type, ropes around an assistant’s body. The magician and a second assistant pull tight on the ropes. The ropes are seen to melt right through the body of the first assistant! Ropes, gimmick and clearly written instructions - $10

Please Note: remember that when you purchase a "magic effect" you are not only purchasing the "prop" but also the "secret".  Therefore returns will not be accepted.

"Cigam's Flash Coin Vanish is astounding!" -- Mr M.W.

For Booking information call 321-945-7500 or send MagiClown an e-mail.

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