--- depression ---
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--- howard the duck ---
Howard the Duck I love this movie! It's based on a comic book originally put out by Marvel oh-so many years ago, and to little acclaim. <p> ---- Personally, I can't see why no one liked it. It was without a doubt the perfect comic book movie. Far better than "Batman" or "Superman." "Howard the Duck" was what a comic book would look like if translated directly to the screen. If you don't like this movie, there might be something wrong with you.
---- yojinbo ----
I have one thing to say: Toshirô Mifune was the man! I'll never see a samurai movie again without thinking, "Toshirô would have been much better for this part." Yojinbo is about a ronin who wanders into a village divided by two warring clans. Acting as an agent of the village, Toshirô merrily destroys both clans. Last Man Standing was roughly based on this.
---- the 5,000 fingers of dr. t ----
The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T
With songs and story written by the one and only Dr. Seuss (of "Grinch"/"One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish"/"Green Eggs and Ham" fame), this movie is billed as a musical for kids. Though children may clap gleefully along with the signature rhymes of The Dr., adults will be freaked to the marrow by this hyper-surreal, terrifyingly fascist, and syrupy vision - sleep with the lights on after this one, folks.
---- grease 2 ----
Grease 2
See Michelle Pfeiffer in the role that made her what she is today! Some people think this sequel lacks the magic of the Travolta/Newton-John original. But Olivia's "Hopelessly Devoted" pales against the stirring sight of a be-leathered Michelle belting out "I wanna C-O-O-L R-I-D-E-R!!!" And with Adrian Zmed (as seen in "Dance Fever" and "TJ Hooker") as the head T-Bird, this film is a dream come true.
--- an alan smithee film: burn hollywood, burn ----
An Alan Smithee Film: Burn Hollywood Burn
Joe Eszterhas demonstrates once again why he should be the first person legally incarcerated for art crimes. The maker of "Jade," "Showgirls," and "Basic Instinct" takes us on an epic journey of awfulness and offers a peek into a human mind devoid of any redeeming qualities. Ryan O'Neal, Eric Idle, and Chuck D are also defiled in this celluloid stinkmonster.
---- caddyshack ----
I recently saw the uncut version of "Caddyshack." Up until then, I'd only seen (many, many times) the edited-for-television edition, which callously skips all of the adult language, adult themes, brief nudity, and drug references. Now that I've seen the real deal, I can honestly say that Brian Doyle-Murray's (brother of Bill) edgy, kaleidoscopic screenplay has yet to be surpassed by any latter-day golf movies (e.g., "Happy Gilmore" and the abysmal, nightmarish "Tin Cup"). The dialog is so sharp it should be used in urethral surgery, the pacing is breathless and flawless, the scope is epic and grandiose. While there are many fabulous performances, the clear standout is Chevy Chase, who is at the top of his form here. Every line is perfectly delivered, and one must almost shield one's eyes from the brilliance of his wit. So powerful is his persona that it made me doubt, for the first (or so) time, my sexuality. Bravo, Chevy, Bill, Rodney, Ted, and all the rest! A "hole-in-one" production, on "par" with some of the greatest sports films of all time!
---- they live ----
They Live
Yes they do!