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What's Inside??
Carnival Cop is filled with information from research and personal experiences over the past several years by the author. Some of the features in the book are:

  • Over 60 games that are considered fraudulent, gambling or suspect
  • Illustration/Pictures of some of the games mentioned
  • Some tips on how to win the games
  • Methods and practices used to deceive a patron at a game
  • Tips on establishing Probable Cause for an arrest
  • Guidelines which the carnies can follow that addresses many problems associated on the midway
  • Sideshow entertainment and some features that can be criminal in nature, such as pick pocketing, short changing, false advertisement and the Jam Auction
  • Modifications of some games that make it legal, fair and balanced to both the game owner and player
  • A step by step process of beginning and following through the inspection procedures
  • Games that should not be on the midway
  • Personal experiences of the author in this field
  • Resources to contact
  • Books to obtain
  • Web sites for further education

    Although written for law enforcement personnel who have an interest in doing this specialized assignment, non-law enforcement personnel will benefit from the contents, as they will discover how they can be cheated at some of the games. The author's unorthodox and unconventual manner, when describing certain games or his thoughts on something, makes for interesting and humorous reading.