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Whether you are a seasoned pro or just a beginner in magic, POLICE MAGICIAN can enhance your presentations.

  • Tired of the same old, same old?
  • Do you sense that people feel your lectures are dull and dry presentations which make minutes feel like hours?
  • Are you looking to spice up your presentations?
  • Do you want something different for your magic shows?
  • Do you want to stand apart from others and have a unique style that many will remember for a long time to come?
  • Are you looking for a way to increase your income by offering a service that people find exciting, enjoyable, entertaining and educational?
If you said yes to any of these questions, then POLICE MAGICIAN is for you.
Police Magician is a culmination of Glenn Hesterís years of experience as a law enforcement officer and magician. Combining his two professions and presenting programs to people for the last 20 years, Glenn has proven, tested, entertaining, and informative routines on Home Security, Alcohol & Drug Abuse, Con Games, Carnival Game Fraud, Peer Pressure, Safety, Community Involvement.

The book includes tips on how to make an audience more responsive and receptive to your presentations, how to utilize puppets in your programs, and lists pitfalls you could encounter and how to overcome them. Cash in on Glennís personal experiences performing and presenting in front of thousands of people for the last two and a half decades.

Different styles of magic are shown. Non law enforcement magicians have used these routines and received standing ovations after the show. Law enforcement officers and agents have enhanced their presentations and gave their agency a positive image in the community. Including:

  • routines & scripts
  • Booking techniques
  • Themed acts
  • Troubleshooting techniques
  • Publicizing the show
  • cCommunity involvement techniques