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Spirit SEANCE Hand Best Made circa 84' Magic
Item #24

Spirit SEANCE Hand Best Made
In 1984 I manufactured an illusion that required this hand. I found the supplier that made them for Tannens. I recently uncovered a small number of them, some perfect, some a little scratched, none of which matters as they are only seen peripherally and from a distance.
One picture shows the full hand (hollow) from a flat view in order to show the mounting tabs, the other picture shows the angle that the spectator would view.

These were top quality, and the best made (I have tried most of them). I have 3 perfect ones left and you are bidding on one of the three.

Note: The starting price was determined by previous auction whose selling prices variedfrom $21 to $52. I do have some that are not as perfect which I can list in another auction on request.
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