Florida Ballot proposal:
Ian Sutz
p.o. Box 1925
Bushnell, Fl 33513
e-mail iansutz@aol.com
The problems of the election were part of the Collins center commission to determine which methods were best for the vote collection. One of the studies were by the Cal-Tech engineers who determined that the bubble scanner was the most dependable. Their study did not include any innovative newer methods.
My proposal is to use the Florida Lottery machines to tally the votes.(see modified ballot).
Much like the bubble ballots, the voter ads his mark and fills in the appropriate box.

My proposal would save millions on hardware, by

using the lottery machines already in place in Florida.


This warrant will eliminate the stigma associated with traditional ballots that have failed minorities. This lottery entry is a universally accepted form of input transverses social separations.


The fantasy 5 cards use the same machine to register the quick pics.

Much in the way the fantasy card has been gridmarked, would be the way that the election card could be grid marked.

some additional details