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This an ad from tannen's Catalog in 1980, that was the last time I sold them the effect!!
This is an effect you just will not believe! Can you imagine a dramatic, audience-shaking illusion that absolutely stuns your spectators, can be shown from any performing area from a small platform to a stage iieve! Can you imagine a dramatic, audience-shaking illusion that absolutely stuns your spectators, can be shown from any performing area from a small platform to a stage in a large auditorium, and is compact enough, to be carried in a typical small airline bag? And that when performed will bring gasps from throughout your audience, and be the most talked-of effect in your show? Here's what happens: You show the most incredible, creative, new hand-chopper or slicer that has appeared on the magic scene in decades. We think highly of the Disecto-type choppers we've seen and we continue to sell and praise the famous French Arm Chopper, where for a fleeting instant you see the reportedly severed hand drop into a bag (still available at $58.50) But in Magic Ian's unbelievable new trick two huge 4 1/2" wide, scimitar-shaped blades slice through a spectator's wrist, which is encased in a 5" square, 12%" long box: open at each end, and the box is then separated into two sections, with the spectator's body connected truncated (or "chopped off") arm left in one part of the box, and the clearly- severed live hand (yes, the real hand, with its absolutely live fingers in full spectator view) in the 4 1/2" section of the box which is removed an unbelievably long distance form the box section holding the spectator's arm. We realize most chopper effects are played these days for comedy, and Magic-Ian's incredible new arm-box illusion may of course be played that way is you wish, But --if you take our advice you will present this trick in a serious fashion, and then listen for days afterwards to not just the praise but the minutely-described chills and thrills you have given to your spectators. A famous magical artist has achieved the same results with a buzz-saw illusion that would take you many long hours and huge expense to duplicate. Here you can achieve the same audience-astounding breathtaking impact in an effect fitting into a carry-on bag! In a step-by-step description, you ask for a volunteer from the audience to join you in the performing area, and "lend a hand." in an absolutely straightforward procedure you ask the volunteer to take a red silk "in order not to show blood uh dust," and then thrust that hand into one end of the foot-long box, and out the other side, still holding the silk. As soon as that is done, promptly and quickly, you advise the audience you are about to "create an optical illusion," and you vigorously thrust the 2 scimitar blades through the adjoining slots in the box. The gasps, small shrieks, and disbelieving comments will prove to you what a blockbuster effect you have created. You then separate the box sections, as described above. After several comments (including clever applause cues supplied by Magic Ian the box is rejoined, the blades removed, the spectator's arm shown restored, and then you receive you final, truly thunderous applause!' Every show should have at least one illusion, and for top-quality equipment, unbeliev- able ease in carrying and performing, and incredible audience impact, nothing beats this! This one you must have!................................................... $165.00