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zigzag cig


Penetration Frame ~$7.50

Linking Ropes ~$7.50

One of my favorites for many years and one of the best manufactured versions. Three ropes are given to spectator to tie into circles. The magician then links and unlinks all three ropes on command.

Zig Zag Cigarette ~$8.50

There are several versions to come out since I showcased this item in the U.S. [note: Two samples arrived during a Tannen's convention at Brown's Hotel in Upstate N.Y., I opened the sample and showed it for the first time anywhere in the U.S...and sold over 100 pcs. within the 3 days]. The spectator may actually borrow a cigarette and place it in the slot, then proceed to divide the cigarette visibly into thirds..which may be handed out for inspection, the pieces are then placed back and the cigarette is restored.

Penetration Frame ~$7.50

An old classic, very deceptive. Playing cards are slipped between the lattice framework of a plastic frame. The frame has been shown to be solid. Yet, while the cards are in the frame, objects like pencils pens or thick needles may be pushed throught the center of the cards. The cards are removed and they DO have holes, but the frame does not, and all may be examined.