Club members will be given access to the club minutes and special activities pages.

It only costs $20 per year to join and has a lot of perks.

There are two sets of dues.

  • The International Brotherhood of Magicians $55 per year includes a monthly magazine full of tricks, information and great ads.
  • The local dues $20 includes lectures and events

 The Minutes are located on a google site, and due to some concern that the minutes contain some private information. Even though we had a password on the site, the "archives" were showing up in searches. So, you may view the minutes but it requires a sign-up at google (takes a few minutes).

Once there, you can get in just by entering your google user name and password.

If you already have a password, just sign in.

The site address is:

If you do not wish to join google, you have a "guest" link you can press.

You may also just request a copy from Roger Reid directly.