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Obscure effects

$500 card effect: $10
This little effect was introduced at my lectures in the 70's, at one lecture I only had a few with me. I showed it and asked that if there was any interest, to see me after the lecture. One fellow asked how much it was and I said Five. He then proceded to hand me $500. I told him that although the effect was baffling, the cost was $5 no $500.
In any case, a spectator is asked to find any complete deck of cards and shuffle them. I would not touch the deck, but they would deal me three cards off of the top of the deck.
I rearranged the cads in my hand and showed the fan to the spectator asking him/her to memorize the order.
I then squared the cards up and layed them onto the table. I asked what each card was, and the spectator would turn over two of the cards. The last card would be named, but iupon turning over that card, it was a different card.
The specator was asked to look in the deck they still had and the missing card would be found in the pack. 
The effects on this page are in limited supply and are generally sold at my lecture. Some require a demonstration to show their effectiveness. Four stars in Genii magazine!
Super Steal Holdout:
Booklet & gimmick $5
This device was derived from the haunted deck and applied to packets of cards. You can mount the gimmick in the pocket, or in a sleeve or vest area. The gimmick allows you to feed a card or group of cards into your hand. Great for manipulators for an indetectible steal of a fan of cards.
Refreshments: $20 with powerpoint download or manuscript
A small liquor box is shown, and the spectator reaches in and produces a glass of champagne. He then produces 5 more from the box. Each glass is half full and each liquid is a different color. The glasses are 5 times the size of the box.
You get the manuscript and glasses and instructions on technique and suggested performance.

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