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We have 40 acres of land in rural central Florida, nice and quiet yet we are within 1 hour of Tampa, Orlando, and Ocala Florida and less than an hour from the ocean and lakes and natural springs. We go to the livestock or "critter" auction on Saturday night, and we watch and learn and buy. My favorite critter is the duck. My Grandma had them in Brooklyn, N.Y. right in the heart of the city, as did a lot of people in the "city". My Grampa had goats and geese in Warwick, N.Y., my Lyn's family raised cattle and horses in Middletown, NY. My Mom raised caine. I have tried to recreate the childhood memories by gathering the similar animals from my youth. So, we have 4 emu, 7 rheas, goat, 3 llamas. Plus we switched from Akita Dogs to dachshounds. We have seven dachsies.

I also save turtles from being squished on the highways and transplant them to the stream behind the house. Mostly mud turtles, but recently I found a couple of "hognose" turtles (pictures soon).

This year we have dachshounds.

Our Family: Ian, Lyn, Sara, Rachel
Ahme: Eleanor
Grandson: Aidan

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