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Actual Quotes From Clients About Cigam the Magician:

"In all the times that we have had entertainment, after our business meetings, I have never seen such positive and enthusiastic response as we saw during your performance. Thanks!" -- Mr. F.S.

"Everyone really enjoyed you and your magic! You relate well to children. I liked how you kept them under control. Excellent!" -- Mrs. K.S.

"You did a wonderful job entertaining at our showroom opening! The humor, magic and persona were just right! Sophisticated but easy and smooth." -- Mr. S.M.

"Cigam was fantastic! Your show gets better every year!" -- Mr. M.L.

"Your wonderful magic show at our 'Family Dinner` exceeded all of our expectations!" -- Mrs. L.T.

"The looks on the children`s faces told the whole story. The way in which you are able to include the children as part of your act is very special!" -- Mrs. B.G.

"Your magic act was surely the highlight of the afternoon, as evidenced by the response you received throughout your show!" -- Mr. R.M.

"Thanks for being a part of making my husbands` party such a success. Your sense of humor and timing added so much to the day." -- Mrs. G.S.

"You are a very talented person. You had them in the palms of your hands right away!" -- Mrs. L.L.

"The show generated genuine laughter and rewarding applause from the audience. 'How did he do that?` was asked repeatedly!" -- The Plainview Herald

"Everyone who attended thoroughly enjoyed your excellent magic show!" -- Mrs. K.H.

"Magique!!!" -- Mr. P.L., Club Med, Martinique, British West Indies

"You were truly amazing! We would be happy to recommend you anytime!" -- Mrs. A.G.

"The show was fantastic! The grownups and children were thoroughly entertained! We will be calling you again!" -- Mrs. C.C.

"Everyone enjoyed it very much and the kids loved it! We liked the way you kept their attention!" -- Mrs. D.M.

"You were great! The kids and adults truly loved your show. Through the video camera I even thought the rabbit was real (ha ha!) You are a wonderful entertainer and magician!" -- Mrs. L.C.

Actual Quotes From Clients About Bonzo the MagiClown:

"You were absolutely fabulous and I have only gotten the most positive compliments from sponsors and guests." -- Mrs. D.C., Habitat for Humanity

"We have been invited to quite a few parties with magicians and clowns. But yours was definitely the best! The kids and adults were fascinated. Thanks for a great job!" -- Mrs. D.S.

"You did a great job and the children had a ball!" -- Mrs. N.C.

"A long applause to you and your act which enraptured a crowd of a hundred or so. You were stupendous!" -- Mrs. M.H.

"Everyone is still chuckling over your jokes, magic tricks and clever costumes. You touched each of us." -- Mrs. A.P.

"The adults enjoyed the show as much as the kids! You have a very unique ability to direct your dialogue to hit all age groups." -- Mr. I.J.

"A big 'Thank You` goes to Bonzo the Clown. The magic show was the highlight of the children`s day. Thank you for an electric and magnificent performance!" -- Mrs. L.E.

"Bonzo was great and the kids had a ball!! Even the adults liked him!! I'm so glad I called you!!" -- Mrs. L.C.

"You did a super job and I was extremely pleased. You especially held the younger children`s attention when there was a playground so close by. That is an accomplishment!" -- Mrs. B.B.

"We were so happy to have you at our picnic. We had a wonderful time watching you perform. The kids enjoyed the balloons and all your magic!" -- Mrs. D.H.

"Everyone enjoyed your show! The best thing about it is you are as entertaining for the parents as you are for the children. Great job!" -- Mrs. J.R.

"the children learned much from your expertise and loved the magic tricks and jokes!" -- Mrs. N.H.

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  • The International Brotherhood of Magicians  The International Brotherhood of Magicians (I.B.M.) is the world's largest organization for magicians boasting over 15,000 members worldwide. With over 300 local groups, called Rings, in more than 73 countries, the IBM is considered to be the most respected.
  • Society of American Magicians Society of American Magicians (S.A.M.), the oldest magic orgaization in the world.
  • The Young Magicians Club  As part of its Youth Initiative Plan, on January 1st 1996 The Magic Circle launched The Young Magicians Club. Membership is open to all young people aged between twelve and eighteen with an interest in magic.
  • The Official Magic Circle Site  A Resource for Magicians and Members. The Magic Circle is recognised as the premier magical society and now has a growing membership of around 1350 members spread across many countries of the world.

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