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Double Match Pull

The double match pull (a 30 year old sample shown in the picture) was a superbly engineered clip which had two spring clips mounted on a spring hinge. Although it worked great, there was a fumble factor. So, I discontinued them. NOW A NEW VERSION!!The need for a double match pull was mostly as a backup and since my singles rarely failed, it was an un-necessary option. Of course some people need several matches during an act, but the best solution (since the single dependalites are so inexpensive), is to have several singles loaed and ready. This new double version can be mounted as one unit or split and mounted separately!
Lance Burton is the key example of backups. He has six mounted on a velcro strip so he can load them and slap them into his jackets wth fumbling. He tried the doubles and found the multiple mount method to be the best.

Nw Version of the DOUBLE

I have heard discussions on the forums about various match-pulls, and certainly mine wasn't the first. But my philosophy is that if I can make a gimmick that is inexpensive and dependable, then why would magicians want anything else. Currently you have match pulls from Spain, India, Japan, and variations from Tony Clark, David Powell, and others. All are just too expensive and do not work as well as my simple clip.

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