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In the early 80's, I created a great illusion the Slice-Off-Hand or The Arm Box Illusion, immediately after, Tannen's in New York decided to have it made elsewhere and without my permission commissioned Mephisto to make the box and not pay me any royalty. This page is a deliberate response to their theft and reproduced without their permission
Mephisto - H. Consciencestraat 20 B-8500 Kortrijk (Belgium) -

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Slice off Hand Illusion also known as the ArmBox illusion is an exclusive effect solely manufactured and distributed by Magic Ian. Widely copied in the 80's, yet to date No other company has rights, title or interest in the effect. No other manufacturer is legally selling this effect. Unauthorized sellers/manufacturers include: Mephisto, Belgium, Zauberladen, and Tannen magic, New York

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