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'This is a fantastic place to live'. The natural beauty of the area, and the exciting recreational opportunities surrounding the future "Whispering Pines". The quality of life benefits, lack of pollution, clean water, refreshing air, privacy, and plenty of space.

Hi, my name is Tom Golabek.

This is a story about a guy from Florida who went to play Poker in Missouri and discovered paradise. After 3 days at a casino in one of Missouri's greatest cities (St. Louis) I rented a car to see the less bustling parts of Missouri.

Driving south with no plan or destination, I discovered nature's paradise.

As if by destiny I wound up in an area between Desoto and Potosi. The contrast between this area and the last 3 days of non stop excitement was striking. The serenity and peacefulness had a tremendous effect on me. I visited a number of small charming towns, two State Parks, a National Forest, and a very unique roadside inn.


I visited the State Parks, National Forests, lakes, and sparkling rivers. With all these wonderful surroundings it is still within quick and easy access to the shopping and exciting night life of St. Louis.


I've now purchased and developed a large tract of this Missouri paradise, and am offering 3.1 acre and 5 acre wooded parcels for sale. The parcels are located directly on Highway 47, as well as on an adjoining private road, near the small town of Cadet. Washington County Airport, Washington County Memorial Hospital and Fourche Valley Country Club are only minutes away. 

Our Pleasure is to meet your needs

My wife and I get a lot of pleasure helping couples or families buy their home or first house. I work with CRA Advocates, a non-profit organization focused on securing affordable homes for those who otherwise could not be able to buy a house. We have received so many thanks from starting out families, to retired or nearly retired folks who could now afford a beautiful home, as well as enjoy a profitable investment.

The Mission

Our mission at this stage of our lives, is to develop affordable home sites. We thoroughly enjoy making those who thought they could never buy their own house become "proud homeowners". If people cannot get financing elsewhere, we will hold the mortgage.

Tom Golabek
1193 Addison Ave.
The Villages, Fl 32162