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Obscure effects

$500 card effect: $5
This little effect was introduced at my lectures in the 70's, at one lecture I only had a few with me. I showed it and asked that if there was any interest, to see me after the lecture. One fellow asked how much it was and I said Five. He then proceded to hand me $500. I told him that although the effect was baffling, the cost was $5 no $500.
In any case, a spectator is asked to find any complete deck of cards and shuffle them. I would not touch the deck, but they would deal me three cards off of the top of the deck.
I rearranged the cads in my hand and showed the fan to the spectator asking him/her to memorize the order.
I then squared the cards up and layed them onto the table. I asked what each card was, and the spectator would turn over two of the cards. The last card would be named, but iupon turning over that card, it was a different card.
The specator was asked to look in the deck they still had and the missing card would be found in the pack. 
Click to buy - $5
The effects on this page are in limited supply and are generally sold at my lecture. Some require a demonstration to show their effectiveness. Four stars in Genii magazine!
Super Steal Holdout:
Booklet & gimmick $5
This device was derived from the haunted deck and applied to packets of cards. You can mount the gimmick in the pocket, or in a sleeve or vest area. The gimmick allows you to feed a card or group of cards into your hand. Great for manipulators for an indetectible steal of a fan of cards.
Refreshments: $10
A small liquor box is shown, and the spectator reaches in and produces a glass of champagne. He then produces 5 more from the box. Each glass is half full and each liquid is a different color. The glasses are 5 times the size of the box.

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