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25 Rubber penetration tricks $5

{beware of imitations by other names}

This is the "Best Dam Tricks" by magic-Ian
reprinted by D. Robbins
with an Introduction by Walter B. Gibson

Rubber Penetration book, SIGNED ORIGINAL: SOUNDS DIRTY, BUT THE BOOK WAS ORIGINALLY TITLED BEST DAM TRICKS...USING THE RUBBER DAM (INCLUDED). INCLUDES COIN BALLOON-acy, CLIPPO, AND OTHER CLASSICS, including ALL of the ORIGINAL methods for SOLID THRU SOLID. Walter Gibson said..."....ingenious methods all from the fertile and creative mind of Magic-Ian" This trick is known as "pop" trick, coin penetration, "Gozinta" and some say this is the book that revived the craze. A Magic-Ian original. With introduction by Walter B. Gibson, and contributions by Al Cohen, Mike Tannen, Arte Severstsen, Roy Fromer, George Schindler, and Thurston..****Genii Magazine

28 pages-originally published in 1980

routines include

  • the basic penetration

  • double penetration

  • automatic reset

  • nickel to dime thru rubber square

  • sandwich vanish

  • spiked square

  • okito box penetration

  • card force

  • clip-it (clippo dam)

  • water torture cell (al cohen's removal of a coin from a sealed glass of water)

  • impromptu invisible deck {new!!}

  • coin thru rubber gloves, condoms??

  • coin balloon-acy ****4 stars in genii (borrowed signed coin thru balloon)

  • silk in balloon

  • acrobatic card

  • soft spring

  • pencil thru card

  • cut card-no cut dam

  • slide card

  • disc-go-dime ****4 stars in genii

  • there is a hole (actually show the hole!!


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No gimmicks or special coins, no skill, easy to do!! You'll get the 28 page booklet, plus the supplies. Not just an instruction sheet. This book allows you to use the trick with balloons, scissor effects, predictions, okito boxes, keys, nails, water, several coins at once...no other instruction but this gives you so much in one package.
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