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Websites & e-mail
The following Domain Names are for sale, contact us with an e-mail inquiry.
  • MagiCoins.com
  • BalloonTricks.com
  • ClownTricks.com
  • MephistoMagic.com
  • Mago.us
  • TarotMagic.info
  • TrickDecks.com
  • Tricks.ws
  • StageTricks.com
  • Magicians.TV
  • Magico.biz 
  • TVmagic.biz
  • EbayAuctions.info
  • SalesRep.ws
  • Halloweener.com
  • TrickOTreat.com
  • USmagic.biz
  • tvmagic.info
  • tvmagic.biz
  • SilkTricks.com
  • weauction.info 
  • Rope.ws
  • Webster.ws
  • WebsterFleaMarket.Biz
  • BlackMarkets.biz
  • mago.us
You may also purchase a "piece" of the Domain names, by buying a sub domain for only $9.95 which includes an e-mail address as well.

EbayAuctions.Info Site

We are selling SUB domain names!!
This is not complicated and works very well.
You can get a domain name from anyone, but the good ones and the short ones are all taken. So, why not catch a piece of a short one.

Every domain is allowed to have sub domains, so when my site "stagetricks.com" goes to one of my web pages, "magic.stagetricks.com" goes to a completely different site. This is called a "re-direct".

I currently have "balloontricks.com", "stagetricks.com", "clowntricks.com", and "tricks.ws" available for subdomains.

When you buy a sub-domain, you actually rent a "re-direct" for one year (all domains have to be renewed each year).

Now you can have "yourname.tricks.ws" go to any page you have. (if you don't have one, I can make one for you!!)

This deal also comes with an e-mail name to match, so if you have any e-mail address, mail sent to "yourname@tricks.ws" will show up in your mailbox.

Here are just a few reference sites I have created: "mrdavesmagic.com", "policemagic.com", "dixiebostons.com". E-mail me with questions.

Magic Ian passed away on July 4, 2013.  We can no longer take any orders.  
You can e-mail us at:

Stagetricks.com * P.O. Box 1925 * Bushnell * FL * 33513